open ended summer

My summer somewhat unexpectedly opened up just a few weeks ago when I decided not to take summer classes.  I made that decision primarily because my wife is expecting a baby at the end of June, about the same time as one of my finals would have been scheduled.  I really couldn’t have afforded to miss either one of those.  The other reason is a change in degree plan (still nursing, but an A.A. instead of a B.S.N., at least for now).

So, I may now have time to work on my list of projects:

  • Put a garden in (got this done just a few days ago with some tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and a compost pile)
  • Build a twin bed for my son (my wife has this in mind)
  • Learn REAPER
  • Teach summer music lessons (I teach with Searcy Community School of Music)
  • Get over to Tennessee to visit our land a time or two
  • Write some music (I have a couple things already going)

4 responses to “open ended summer

  1. When you head over to visit your land, let us know. Maybe we can meet you guys in the area for dinner one night!

  2. I like REAPER. Tried the trial version and enjoyed it. And it’s pretty affordable as far as DAWs go.

    I am also interested in your compositions. We gotta get together and do some musical stuff sometime!

  3. Don’t forget my list of projects for you too! No, just kidding, I think all I had in mind was the bed.

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