night walk

We only live a couple of miles away from where I work; sometimes I drive, other times I bike, or occasionally carpool.  The other day my wife dropped me off, and then I walked home when I got off 12 and a half hours later.  I took the opportunity to record some of my favorite night-time sounds that are just everywhere in the south.  The hot days in Arkansas give way to warm, breezy, nights full of cicadas, crickets, frogs, fireflies, and the rustling of oak trees.  These sounds are always unique, and to me, always enjoyable.  This is the result of that recording session:


7 responses to “night walk

  1. Nice!

  2. Louise really liked listening to your walk home; she liked guessing what the sounds were. She got excited every time a car passed.

  3. Crystal wanted to go to sleep with the sounds in the background. Really great quality too. Glad you posted!

  4. I re-blogged this here:

    best wishes to you and yours.

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